We have the expertise and experience to deliver cost-effective hard and software solutions for your small to medium sized business. Together with our onsite service and in-house repairs you get everything out of one hand.

 Our services for your business include but not limited to

  • We can supply hardware, software and accessories
  • We custom build to your needs (CAD/Video/Gaming)
  • Upgrade your existing hardware
  • Service your computers onsite or at my workshop
  • We supply backup solutions
  • Streamline your data storage
  • We help you with your everyday problems
  • Data recovery from failed hard drives (outsourced to a certified data recovery centre)
  • New computer? We can setup and install your software and transfer your data from your old one too

 All home user services are also available for your business.

We are resellers for all major brands and can offer also extended support and ongoing maintenance.

You can also book us to work along in your office to improve your overall IT environment.

Talk to us: 022 0120434



Outcall 1 h $98 incl. GST
  1/2 h (minimum charge) $49 incl. GST
Workshop 1 h $78 incl. GST
  1/2 h (minimum charge) $39 incl. GST
WOF   $130 incl. GST
Wipe and reload   $185 incl. GST
Wipe and reload+data transfer   $285 incl. GST
work along 4 h $350 incl. GST
  8 h $600 incl. GST
Travel Tauranga/Mount/Bethlehem $10 incl. GST
  Papamoa free
  all other $0.70/km incl. GST




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